Absinthe – Inventing, Daring, Death Defying

    Absinthe Las VegasIf you’re looking for a show that covers a bit of everything, Absinthe is the one for you. There’s nothing like it in Las Vegas. The show is part variety, part comedy and part burlesque with unexpected twists perfect for adults. Featuring the Gazillionaire and his sidekick, this show is about a dream. Huffington Posts said, “If you see one show in your entire life, make it Absinthe!”

    Some of the things you will enjoy throughout the show include topless tap dancing, strongmen, keg stands, tightrope walkers and many one-of-a-kind moves. If your seat is found at the end of a row, you might even find yourself up on stage. If you love hip shows with many different stunts, music and applause, this is the show for you.

    This critically acclaimed acro-cabaret show is performed with unobstructed sightlines and with an intimate setting. The world-class artists show off their skills as you’re transformed into a world unlike any other. Imagine sitting close enough, you can actually see the struggle in the faces of the performers as they attempt some of the most horrifying and difficult moves you’ve ever seen.

    Absinthe is a green drink thought to produce hallucination when consumed. This show takes the audience into the world of the strange through the dream of the main character. The show is for adults only and performed in front of Caesers Palace in the Roman Plaza. Tickets range from $89 to $114, depending on how close you want to sit and whether you want VIP seating. Discounts are offered for groups, as well.

    Show Schedule

    • Monday at Dark
    • Tuesday at Dark
    • Wednesday at 8pm & 10pm
    • Thursday at 8pm & 10pm
    • Friday at 8pm & 10pm
    • Saturday at 8pm & 10pm
    • Sunday at 8pm & 10pm


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