Activities in Summerlin

    Activities in Summerlin are some of our favorites in this city of Las Vegas.

    What I love about these activities is that they are geared to 1. Being active and healthy, 2. Are multicultural, 3. Entertaining. I mean, who doesn’t love to be entertained or at least find a reason to leave your home and be amongst people. Tom and I highly enjoy getting our family out of the house and in to the community.

    One of our favorite things to do is look up the website and scroll through to find out what events are going on over the weekend…that is if we are not working of course. šŸ˜‰ On that website there is an events calendar that lists all of the fun happenings in the villages. From Snow Day at the Arbors Park to farmer’s markets, art festivals, plays in the park, etc., you’ll find something that everyone will enjoy.

    TheĀ Summerlin Art FestivalĀ is SO MUCH FUN! Here you can browse several booths that exhibit some of the coolest arts and crafts from all over the world. There is so much talent shared at this event and since I can’t draw anything besides a funny looking face on a stick figure body, I find it fascinating how people can take something that they’ve thought up in their minds and create it. The Art Festival is always held in the early parts of Fall (usually October) at the Summerlin Centre Community Park on 1800 S. Town Center Drive. It’s great fun for all ages and interests.

    Another really neat thing that I notice as far as activities in Summerlin is how people take great advantage of nice weather.

    Since Las Vegas has such mild winters, you’ll find people running, riding bikes and exercising outdoors almost year round. Of course, with our summers being a little hellacious, I can’t help but say, “REALLY?!?!” in my head when I see someone running in 115 degree weather in early August. Then again, I don’t do much in August besides keep my kids cool indoors as much as possible! We do a lot of bowling and roller skating; and I mean A LOT!

    The community centers are another one of thoseĀ activities in SummerlinĀ that excites me. For years our kids attended classes at the Veteran’s Memorial Center near Palo Verde High School. At this community center in Summerlin you will find some of the best instructors with wonderfully affordable prices. Both of our kids took the Preschool ABC and 123 classes they offer and the gymnastics classes. They loved going and I loved the price. The Trails Community Center also holds some wonderful classes for everyone.

    Activities in Summerlin

    Concerts are one of thoseĀ activities in SummerlinĀ that Tom and I enjoy the most. With Red Rock Station Casino right in our “backyard” we can enjoy some pretty awesome performances at the indoor concert hall called Rocks Lounge where you can see performances year round by Zowie Bowie (FABULOUS PERFORMERS and you’re guaranteed to enjoy yourself), Elvis Monroe, The Peelers, Grey Street, Michael Grimm and Nashville Unplugged. Red Rock Station is one of our favorite casinos because not only do they have a wealth of entertainment for agesĀ  21+, butĀ activities in SummerlinĀ geared to younger ages like a 72 lane bowling alley and 16 screen Regal movie theater, arcade and Kids Quest.

    Ā The fun in Summerlin doesn’t stop! With multiple parks in every village of Summerlin, you are guaranteed a spot to take your kids, dog, self and enjoy the wonderful outdoors down the street! Many of the parks in Summerlin have splash pads that run through the warmer months where kids (and adults if you wish) can cool off in the summer heat; and as we all know, summers can be a scorcher in these parts. šŸ™‚

    These are just a few of the many activities in Summerlin, with many more blogs to come regarding the several events throughout the year. Stay tuned for a blog on the Snow Day at the Arbors park on January 26th!!

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