Angie’s List: Nice to meet you, my new BFF!

    Angie’s List. Period. Was a statement made by a friend of mine regarding a leak we had. Apparently I didn’t get the memo regarding Angie’s List being a great way to find just about anyone who does, well, just about anything in Las Vegas. I will mention that this is Serena speaking. When I asked Tom if he had heard of it he was like, “Yeah, who hasn’t?” Well. Me.

    Angie’s List is a GREAT website for everyone!

    Angie’s List has high quality services listed and ranked with customer reviews regarding each company! How wonderful is that?!?! From services regarding your home, automobile, pet care, physicians, etc…seriously, the list is LOOOOoong. There are some companies n Las Vegas, Summerlin, Henderson, and North Las Vegas that even offer coupons that are given only through Angie’s List!

    Angie's List Review Form


    So we went on Angie’s List, got a membership and searched our little hearts away for Las Vegas flooring guys and plumbers for some work we want to get done to the house. Tom is total Type A so regardless of who had the best reviews, he still had 5 guys come over and give us quotes, but that’s just him and I’ve learned to sit back and let him do what he needs to do in order for him to feel satisfied with the decision we make. Me? I’m more of the, “WOW, 50 reviews and all great! He’s our guy!” Tom has looked at me on several occasions like I’m crazy regarding MY way of doing business, however, we usually end up with that person we heard great things about anyway. I’m the time saver…life is short, right?!? 😉

    Alright, back to Angie’s List.

    The membership for Angie’s List is $40/yr, but the price varies depending on your location. It’s absolutely worth it, but if you choose to not purchase it, then we can help!  The Heuser Team will provide you with the Top 10 ranked people on Angie’s List, EXCEPT of course if you are looking for a Realtors. Um, you won’t find anything on there that you won’t find here: That’s the only site you need to know, people. 😉

    So send us a message if you need us to investigate for you!


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