Do Open Houses sell homes for sale in Las Vegas

    Many times home sellers ask if open houses sell homes. In reality less than 2% of homes sell from open houses per the National Association of Realtors however; most agent don’t mega-open-house-summerlindo them correctly. Just like anything else that you want to be great and achieve results you must put a lot of effort into it. This is the same with an open house for Realtors. If you simply decide the day before you want to do an open house and toss 3 signs on the side of the street then yes you will get poor results.

    On the other hand if you plan a week in advance and spend money on marketing with ads and video on social media, put out over 50 signs, pass out fliers to 200 homes around subject property, invite neighbors, and install  multiple 7 Ft Flags in the yard you are bound to get better results.

    With that said you can bet that most agents will just put out a couple of signs and unlock the door then perhaps take a nap or take this relaxing time to catch up with friends on the phone or Facebook. The Heuser Team does things a lot different by hosting kick ass open houses to attract 40-60 potential buyers the first weekend it is on the market. Lets us show you how real estate should be done in todays new real estate market. Call us today!

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