Get Your Lawn Ready For Spring

    If you live in a warm climate like Las Vegas, NV where your yard has been hibernating for the winter months, then you’re probably ready forGet Your Lawn Ready For Spring warmer weather and a hint of green outside your windows.

    Use the five tips below to get your lawn ready for great Las Vegas, NV spring season. It will reward you with picnic perfect grass all summer long.

    1. Clean Up Winter’s Clutter

    Rake and remove all of the dead leaves and debris left over from the cold winter season. Leaving a layer of last-year’s foliage on the ground can smother your grass and hinder its growth.

    After your yard is clean, spread a thin layer of compost to enrich your soil and provide nutrients for when you grass is ready to sprout.

    2. Aerate Your Yard

    Tough compacted soil makes it difficult for roots to grow and water to drain and distribute throughout your yard. So rent an aerator from your local hardware store. An aerator uses steel tubes to take divots from your lawn. These holes will allow air and water to penetrate your compacted soil, which will in turn create healthier and lusher grass.

    3. Check Your Soil’s PH

    Most grass and plants grow best when your soil’s pH level is between 6.0 and 7.0. Plants grown in soil with their proper pH level are healthier and more resistant to disease. You can purchase simple soil test kits at local Lowe’s or Home Depot or other garden centers.

    4. Prevent Weeds From Growing

    Once you’ve aerated your lawn and only if you’re not planning to plant new grass seed, then distribute a chemical weed preventer, which can be found at any home improvement store. When watered, it creates a barrier on the top of the soil to keep weeds from sprouting.

    5. Have Your Lawn Mower Tuned-up

    Your lawn mower has been sitting idle all winter, so give it a tune-up before those first blades of grass get too long. Take it into a local service shop to have the carburetor and fuel lines cleaned and the blades sharpened. This will make it run more efficiently.

    Even if you live in a warm climate and your flowers have been blooming all year, spring is the perfect time to do an annual assessment of your yard.


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