How to win a home bidding war

    Yes, home bidding wars are still happening in Las Vegas in 2014. Many people thought this would chill out this year due to the rapid appreciate rate we had in 2013 in the greater Las Vegas area. We are still seeing a lot of cash purchases but most of these seem to now be primary residences for out of state buyers moving to Las Vegas. The expensive California lifestyle and the freezing cold weather on the east coast is driving people to our great city. image-showing-las-vegas-homes-for-saleThe demand is real and should remain strong for a while. The great news it that we are also seeing a lot more financed offers getting accepted in today’s market also. We are knowledgeable on how to help you win a bidding war so allow us to help you buy your next home. If selling your home lets try to get you multiple offers and get it bid up.


    CNN Money just put out a good article as these bidding wars are happening in many market across the country.

    How to win a bidding war on a home

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