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    Being a REALTOR® in a market that is unlike any other in the U.S is interesting to say the least. There are constant changes to what is happening and we have to always stay on the up and up. Let’s just say it keeps us on our toes and we wouldn’t change it for the world!

    We love Las Vegas and it’s unique nature to the real estate market. We love it because we know that so many out there who are seeking a Las Vegas Realtors can count on us to be honest, straight forward and hard working in an industry where that’s what the people of this town need.

    If you’re looking for a Las Vegas Realtors to buy or sell your home, do your research!

    Make sure that the person who is going to find you a home or sell your home is looking out for YOUR best interest. It’s the number one factor in being a REALTOR®: To have fiduciary with their clients. It’s an honest relationship that you share during the entire process.

    When making the decision to put your home for sale, it is important  IMPERATIVE to find a quality real estate professional.

    1. Do they seem knowledgeable about the market?

    2. Are they truthful when telling you how much your home is worth and what it will sell for, or are they telling you what you WANT to hear?

    3. Make sure that the agent you choose to sell your home is open and honest from the beginning.

    • You don’t want to be stuck in a contract with a Las Vegas Realtors and realize after a month that they aren’t working in your best interest. You must do your due diligence when deciding who to entrust with your home. With us, it’s a no hassle contract. We are confident enough to know that once you choose us, you will want to keep us around. 🙂

    4. Will they showcase your home to sell or sit?

    • If you search for recent home sales online, you’ll find countless amounts of homes for sale where the agent has put up 5 photos. Some only put one; the front of the house.  As a Las Vegas Realtors we are allowed 35 photos in the MLS!!  That’s a perfect amount to allow the potential buyer to have a great idea of what your home has to offer. If they increase the amount to 50, you better believe we would upload 50 fantastic photos to showcase your home.You don’t want someone searching for homes online on sites like Zillow, to see only 5 photos of your house and either write it off because of the lack of photos, or trek through your home and realize they aren’t that interested in something they would have already known from the photos online.
    • Adding 35 photos will mean you will ONLY get those who have seen your entire home online and now want to see it in person; that means only serious and potential purchasers and less traffic through your home.  Does that make sense?


    Homeowners need to know what their agent is doing and how hard they are willing to work for you. It’s pure laziness, just like any other industry. You have some who are hard workers, take pride in what they do and then those who take the easy road and cross their fingers and hope for the best. Is that who you want working for you?

    If you use the REALTORS® at Heuser Homes in Las Vegas, NV, not only will you be getting one hard working agent, but you’ll get two.

    We take pride in our work and take care of our clients! Contact Us TODAY @ 702.551.3004 or email us!

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