Summerlin Shopping: My Ode to West Charleston Boulevard

    Summerlin shopping: This is an ‘Ode to West Charleston Boulevard’. Nothing more, nothing less. 🙂

    Summerlin shopping is hands down best when done on West Charleston Blvd.

    I’ll start at the top of the boulevard and I’ll work my way down.

    At W. Charleston and 215W in the Canyon Pointe Shopping Center you’ll find my favorite store EVER! No, it’s not Target, Pier 1 Imports, The Gap…we’ll get to all of those later. It’s Costco. On another blog I write for, I actually did just a plain, ‘Ode to Costco’.

    We all know why that place is awesome; at least everyone with a membership does. From the moment you find a parking spot that satisfies you, to the moment you walk in, it’s an experience (or more like a blast of heat from the rotating heater dish that welcomes you in during the winter). Shopping and browsing here, when child-free of course, is a moment of pure bliss. Next to Costco you’ll find my husband’s favorite store, Lowe’s. Meh. Not MY favorite, but when he is talking to an employee about this or that, I’ll find some good stuff there like magnetic and chalkboard paint. One day I’ll get around to actually opening those cans up and creating that BIG IDEA I had in my head while moseying through the aisles as my chatterbox husband carried on obliviously.

    Next to Lowe’s is a plaza that holds a Marshall’s AND soon to come Ross. Anyone else find that weird and cool at the same time? Aren’t they competitors that will now be one store away from each other? That in-between store is Bed, Bath and Beyond. Unless I have that 20% coupon I don’t set foot in there. They used to take expired coupons and I’ve vetoed that store ever since they stopped accepting them. Don’t tell me I can’t use a coupon from 2010 that’s been sitting in my junk drawer until this very moment I decided I needed new sheets!  Also in that plaza is Best Buy and Office Depot. Actually it could be an Office Max for all I know. Aren’t they the same store?

    Across all of this amazing shopping is Red Rock Station Casino; our favorite place for entertainment with the movie theater and bowling alley right inside. Yay for Red Rock Station!

    Okay, back to Summerlin shopping.

    Heading East on W. Charleston you’ll find Eyebrows R Us, a nail spa place and tons of restaurants like Islands, BJ’s Brewery, Olive Garden, Pei Wei and Rocco’s Pizzeria. Fun, family friendly and casual dining for everyone.

    Keep on going and at Town Center Dr. (North side of W. Charleston) you find Centre Pointe Plaza with more Summerlin shopping. Albertson’s, Starbucks, CVS, Bank of America, etc. What I just discovered in that plaza thanks to Google maps is an Evolution Expeditions Kayaking place. Hmmm, gonna have to keep that in mind for when Tom and I get a wild hair to do something out of our box. Ok, it’s now added to my bucket list. Thanks google!

    Further on down on the South side of W. Charleston is fast food central. Oh, and Jiffy Lube, Big O Tires and Midas. Not a lot of Summerlin shopping here at all….unless you need tires.

    Within all of these plazas (or shopping centers as some call them) there are A TON of professional offices, hair salons, doctor’s offices, martial art studios, etc., to suit your needs.

    On the South side of W. Charleston is another simple Summerlin shopping place. PetSmart, Home Depot, Smith’s…keep on driving East people, nothing to see here unless you’re Summerlin shopping for groceries and petcare. Or if you’re stopping in to Dom Demarco’s Pizzeria. From what I hear, that’s the place to be for some good pizza!

    We’re almost there you guys. Don’t turn around, just one more mile and you’ll be at Summerlin shopping paradise!

    Now, once we have arrived at Rampart and W. Charleston you will find yourself in a predicament. Turn left for Pottery Barn, The Gap, Banana Republic, William Sonoma and Chico’s OR go through Rampart and enter in to my haven. BOCA PARK!

    Summerlin Shopping

    Boca Park it is you guys! Now, am I a fancy boutique shopper or Target gal? You guessed it! Target ALL THE WAY! However, what’s great about Boca Park is that you can find whatever floats your boat in this gigantic shoppers heaven. From my favorite, Target (tied with Costco), Justice for Girls, Sally’s Beauty Supply, Payless Shoe Source (you could pay more, but why?), another Office Max-Depot, Ross, Tilly’s, Bath and Body Works, Wet Seal, American Apparel…to higher end boutiques like…hold on, let me Google real quick….give me a second……………to C-Level, Haute Chix, P!NK, Rush Shoes and MIXT Cosmetics. I’m sure there are more of those shops, but those are what’s on the map at Boca Park. There is one store that I can browse in for days, but leave empty handed every time and that’s REI. Talk about some awesome hiking bags, eh? Should I add that to my bucket list, too? “Hiking in a place where things from REI are required instead of just tennis shoes and a water bottle like you do at the basic trails at Red Rock”. Done.

    Now if you go directly across W. Charleston, you’ll find another favorite of mine, Whole Foods. Yes, I spend my money that most people spend on clothes and fun stuff on FOOD. Yummy, delicious and nutritious FOOD! Also in that “shopping center” is a Pier 1 Imports, Sports Chalet, Jos A. Bank, and Barnes & Nobles.

    So there it is, my run down of some Summerlin shopping I like to do. I NEVER have to leave W. Charleston Blvd. for anything because further on down East are the veterinary offices, Urgent Care, hospitals. Good to know they’re there as well, I guess.

    West Charleston Boulevard, Summerlin Shopping one stop street.

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