The Adult Sandbox: Dig This

    Dig This, is an interesting experience to say the least. It’s like an adult sandbox putting you in control of the things you used to do with your toys when you were a child. Control Huge Caterpillar excavators and bulldozers in one of the more unique experiences you will find in Las Vegas.

    Anybody can take to the casinos or see a show in Vegas, but only those looking for something more interesting spend time with an experience like Dig This. As long as you’re at least 14 years old, you can spend a couple of hours or the entire day playing with your old sandbox toys, only they’re life-size now. Here’s how it works.

    Dig This Vegas

    Start by choosing either a Bulldozer or an Excavator for your experience. With the bulldozer, you can build large mounds, teeter-totter over them and push huge tires around. If you choose the Excavator, you can spend time stacking up huge tires, play “bucket basketball” or dig some impressive trenches.

    After you choose your weapon, you’ll take a breathalyzer test and go through the safety orientation. Instructors will teach you some of the controls of the machines and will make sure you understand the safety procedures to follow.

    Next, you experience an in-cab orientation with a trained instructor ready to walk you through all the different controls. They will show you how to maneuver the huge machine and after just a short time, you can get down to business.

    Once you’ve completed the training portion, you’ll start with a few warm-up exercises before moving into the activities. This leads into some free time, if there’s any time left, which allows you to just have fun with the machines. Finally, there’s an awards celebration.

    Digs range in price from $249 and up depending on how long you want to spend playing in the sandbox and how big your group will be.

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