The Dream of Italian Racing Brought to Life

    Las Vegas Motor Speedway - Photo Credit: you ever dreamed of getting behind one of the fastest Italian sports cars in the world and racing it around the track? If you want to enjoy some of the finest supercars made in the world, you can come out to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway for the Dream Racing experience. This is the only way most people will ever get the change to race a Ferrari and experience the exhilaration that comes with flying around the track.

    It all starts with booking your day and getting to the racetrack. Once you book your experience, you will enjoy round trip transportation from Crystals at CityCenter Las Vegas or you can make your own arrangements to get to the Speedway.

    After you arrive, you will register with one of the hostesses and you will need to show your valid driver license. Once registered, you will move on to the classroom session, which will walk you through how the car operations and how to drive it. You will learn how to properly handle the Ferrari F430 GT and the ideal driving lines as you go around the track.

    The 3D simulator session is next, which will help prepare you for the actual racing on the track. You will spend time in an actual roll cage and the same type of seat from the car as you train on an exact replica of the track. You can feel every bump along the way.

    Now it’s time to suit up and take your car out for a spin. You can choose from one of many different packages including:

    • •    The Dream Racing Experience – $499
    • •    The Extended Experience – $659
    • •    The Advanced Experience – $899
    • •    The Extreme Experience – $1,699
    • •    The Ultimate Experience – $1,999
    • •    The Full Throttle Experience – $3,950

    After your experience, you can spend time in the Dream Racing Lounge relaxing with an open coffee bar, plenty of snacks and Wi-Fi.


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