The Hottest New Interactive Attraction in Las Vegas

    machine-gunBattlefield Vegas is the newest and hottest choice for entertainment in the city. With two locations, one just off the strip and the other found in the desert, there’s plenty of unique fun here. You can jump right into a realistic military setting and shoot a number of different weapons. The firearms date all the way back to World War I and include many newer weapons, as well.

    Whether you love military history or you want to enjoy the weapons, you will find it here. You can bring your camera, take pictures of the fleet of military vehicles and take in the many other military items. This business is owned by a Veteran and provides a realistic experience with many features, such as:

    • •    25-yard indoor firing range
    • •    200+ acre desert training facility
    • •    Over 250 automatic machine guns
    • •    15 different experiences
    • •    Many different sub machineguns
    • •    A selection of assault rifles
    • •    Light machineguns
    • •    Rifles and Long guns
    • •    Many hand guns


    At Battlefield Vegas, you can enjoy a number of different experiences. Some of the most popular experiences include:

    • •    D-Day 1944 – WWII
    • •    Battle of El-Alamoin – WWII
    • •    Battle of Iwo Jima – WWII
    • •    Hamburger Hill – Vietnam
    • •    Black Ops – Gamer Experience
    • •    SEAL Team VI
    • •    The Red Threat
    • •    The 4 Star General
    • •    S.W.A.T.

    All experiences feature multiple weapons with ammo. Whether you choose one of the WWII experiences or a Gamer Experience, you’re sure to have plenty of fun.

    Soon Airsoft will be added with a 32,000 square foot field and a 15,750 square foot indoor shooting house. You’ll be able to play against your friends when these facilities open or you can go against seasoned veterans in an assigned special operations scenario.

    The facility is open from 9:30am to 7:30pm and experiences range from $109.99 to $474.99.

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