When selling a home it is important to use photos

    image showing selling a homeSelling a home in today’s market?  Then you MUST go online to analyze the prospective agents current listings that you are interviewing. If you see that the agent does not display their listings with high quality photos that make the properties look desirable, then don’t walk, RUN from that agent. When selling a home you must require that the agent uses full size, color, high resolution, vibrant and clear photos. I am dumbfounded at this day in age how many agents put tiny, blurry, one single photo, or upside down pictures in the listing. I’ve even seen on multiple occasions a photo with the toilet seat still up!!

    I would estimate that about 25% of all listing have very bad pictures or sequences when it comes to residential real estate. This doesn’t mean that the other 75% are great, it just means they will get by. The pictures that an agent uploads in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) will get broadcasted to hundreds of websites to promote your home, therefore the pictures must be sharp and clear with all interior and exterior areas covered. I would estimate that only a small handful, maybe 10%, take great property photos or use a professional when selling a home in the Las Vegas area.

    Think of the buyer’s perspective when selling a home

    Buyers are cynical when there is not a picture of the kitchen or bathrooms and the front of the house is shown @ 7 different angles. They will ask themselves, “What is wrong with the kitchen?” or “Maybe they just want to get us into the house before we see what the bathrooms look like.”
    The recent statistics from the National Association of Realtorss (NAR) indicates that 99% of buyers are searching for homes on the internet, so don’t hire an agent that lacks online professionalism. Trust me, with 99% of buyers searching on the internet they are definitely telling all of us Realtors® which homes they want to see and which ones they don’t.

    When selling a home I would also suggest not taking pictures of electronics or items of recognized value as these pictures (along with address) are posted all over the internet and not everyone has the best intentions. I know that sometimes this might not always be possible, but just something to keep in mind.

    In my opinion, these pictures should also tell a story from the exterior front of the house, through the front door and so on with all similar area pictures grouped together. The Las Vegas MLS today allows 35 pictures so the kitchen should not be the 1st, 5th, 11th, and 25th picture. These pictures should all be in sequential order for the viewer to have the best viewing experience.
    When selling a home, remember that even homes with bad kitchens and bathrooms sell. Everyone has different taste and there are always investors in the market looking to remodel homes or condos as an investment.

    Just think of when you are searching for a home and how many homes you ruled out on the internet due to photos. With today’s gas prices bouncing between $3 – $4 a gallon many agents and buyers are ruling out more properties that have bad photos, no photos, or worthless photos.
    Some agents do use this as a tactic to get potential buyers to call them and ask if they have more photos. Of course they ask you, “What is your email address?” At this point they now have the caller ID and email to contact this person back and try to gain them as future clients.

    Use an internet marketing specialist when selling a home in today’s market

    Our goal at The Heuser Team is to get your listing in Las Vegas, Summerlin, Henderson, North Las Vegas, Green Valley and the rest of beautiful Las Vegas  sold quickly and with the most offers possible to ensure we get the highest value. We feel that if we showcase the property with rich and vibrant photos then the buyers will flood in and get our sellers top dollar for their home and fewer days on the market.
    When selling a home in today’s internet era this viewing is considered a showing, so don’t blow it with bad photos.

    Remember that when you are selling a home in the Las Vegas, Summerlin, Henderson, North Las Vegas, or Green Valley area use The Heuser Team as we are internet marketing specialist. Our only goal is to get your home sold quickly and at top dollar.

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